Crooked Creek Falls

Crooked creek falls is a local hotspot and is not well known by many. Tourists bypass this little hidden path often on their way to the Crooked Creek Lookout just a minute up the road. If you’re the adventurous type and don’t mind very steep climbs, then crooked creek falls is for you! If you just want to take in some of New Brunswick’s scenic rolling hills at sunset then the lookout is for you! (Both are shown on the map at the bottom of the page).

When you get to the bottom of the 12-15 minute hike you will meet a scenic area that has small waterfalls and a very deep swimming hole. On weekends you will find a younger crowd here jumping off the falls and having a blast. 

TIP: For those going for an adventure to Crooked Creek Falls, park your car in the area in the photo below, not at the top of the road where the lookout is. There is no sign right now for the Falls trail, but we plan on putting one up ourselves if the locals don’t keep taking it down! 😉


crooked creek Falls entrance
Crooked Creek Falls Trail
Crooked Creek Falls deep swimming hole

Crooked Creek Falls

Crooked Creek Lookout