The Best Campgrounds in New Brunswick will book up fast!!

Top New Brunswick Campgrounds

1. Have Something to Look Forward to

One thing that many couples, solo adventures, and families can all relate to is that having a trip planned and on the calendar feels great. Having a camping trip here in New Brunswick booked with specific dates gives you something to look forward to. In winter months, this can be especially helpful to get us concentrated on something positive. Can you relate to this?

Having a camping trip planned can also get loved ones and friends together and help foster those relationships. We live in a busy world and we often don’t connect as much as we’d like with friends and family. If you can remember when you were younger, one thing that brought people together was camping trips. It’s one of the main reasons why we set-up our campground. We love seeing memories being made right before us and let’s us know our hard work really means something. 


2. Get the date you and potential friends want together

Waiting on booking can make it more difficult to land enough sites so you and your friends or family can all camp together. Start your planning now and book your sites to eliminate the stress of going back and forth and what dates work based on availability. Planners will make your next camping trip much less stressful! 

If your wife is the planner in the family, surprise her with a camping trip that works in your calendar. You can let her know the campground you’re bringing her to has the cleanest washrooms in Atlantic Canada, guaranteed! 


3. Get the camping site you’d prefer (we have a variety)

At West River Camping, we have a variety of campsites, and some of our return visitors have their favourites. We of course have our regular tent and RV sites, but we also have Rustic Cabins, Glamping Cabins, Jacob Boy (A Lobster boat turned into Airbnb), and Private Domes.

If you need help selecting a site or need more information than our website provides, please don’t hesitate to call.


4. Give yourself time to research trails and plans

Having more time to plan what you’d like to do on your trip will just make it better. There is so much to do in our area that often 1 week is not enough. This means if you’re just here for a weekend, you should plan well ahead to ensure you’re getting in as much as you can with the time you have. 

We often have guests that come and don’t leave the campground as well. Our domes for example are great for private getaways and are pushed back from other sites for couples and solo adventurists to enjoy nature and the included Wood-fired hot tub. 


5. Enables you to have time to purchase supplies

This may be the most often forgotten piece to planning but is so important. We love last-minute trips as much as anyone else, but booking well in advance allows you to purchase things that make your trip even more enjoyable. Having some nutritious meals purchased, hiking and camping gear, or even bikes if that’s something you’re into, would elevate your camping experience for everyone.


We are open for booking the 2024 season now!